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Top 10 reasons for staying in Malmok while in Aruba

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

1. Malmok Beach is known for Aruba's "Most Luxurious" beachfront residential area

With exceptional beachfront homes and a variety of windsurfing residences. The main road through the Malmok Beach area gives visitors a spectacular view, peaceful ambiance, good family villa size to enjoy your loved ones to the max. This main road leads to the California Lighthouse, Tierra del Sol 18-hole golf course, Boca Catalina Beach, Arashi Beach and other Aruba landmarks and activities. During early morning and late afternoon hours, the Malmok Beach road is a favorite venue amongst locals and tourists for outdoor activities due to it's spectacular beach and real estate view.

2. Most popular snorkeling spot in Aruba.

Here catamarans and sailboats stop for a daytime snorkeling stop just off the shoreline, because of it's rich underwater life. Reefs and sunken wrecks nearby afford excellent diving in Aruba. The calm and crystal clear waters - truly some of the best on the island - are perfect for a relaxing swim in the ocean.

3. Small secluded intimate bays like no other.

Malmok Beach in Aruba is a narrow sandy stretch that interrupts the limestone and rocky terrace along Malmok’s coast with small secluded intimate bays. “Tres Trapi” - translated: "Three Steps" - is a small cove that has steps carved into the stone to enable you to get to the gorgeous sea & perfect place to snorkel. A favorite to many, where some met sea turtles each time we went. The sea turtles love to eat here so are in and out most of the day.

4. Known as one of the best spots in the world to practice windsurfing.

With a perfect combination of temperature, wind strength, & water conditions, Aruba is the perfect place for both beginning & expert windsurfers. It is, therefore, no surprise that Aruba is known as one of the best spots on planet earth to practice windsurfing. Fisherman's Huts - located at the beginning of the Malmok strip - is an ideal launch site & rental location due to its' waist deep, perfectly flat water & serves as the launch site & headquarters for the annual Aruba Hi Winds Pro/Am, the only PWA Grand Prix World Cup Event in the Caribbean.

5. World renowned kite destination

With constant trade winds, flat and shallow turquoise waters, Aruba has become a world renowned kite destination for beginners and pros alike. Kitesurfing (known as kiteboarding in the US) is fun, exciting, and addicting. Good winds, almost all-year round, with flat shallow waters beside Fisherman’s Huts - Malmok, makes Aruba a great place to start your voyage into the world of kitesurfing.

6. Location of Aruba's popular ‘Boca Catalina Beach’

This local gem Boca Catalina is the perfect location for a private swimming and snorkeling in Aruba, a small secluded bay in the Malmok Beach area. The white sandy beach is accessible by steps from a spacious parking area alongside the road and has some makeshift beach huts to protect you from the sun. There is easy access to the crystal clear ocean which makes this an ideal beach for families of all ages. Boca Catalina is popular with snorkelers and those who are looking for a more private and calm beach experience.

7. Location of Aruba's popular ‘Arashi Beach’ A nice white sandy beach with great waves, huts and a large parking lot in front of it. You can also visit this beach by bus as Arashi Beach is the last stop of line 10a. The calm currents and the eco-rich underwater life makes this beach a perfect spot for snorkeling and a favorite with locals. Arashi Beach is the last stretch of beach on the northwestern side of Aruba and is located next to Boca Catalina. From the beach you can see the lighthouse behind you.

8. Location of Aruba's Fisherman’s Hut - Hadicurari Beach As mentioned, Hadicurari Beach, better known as the Fishermen's huts, is a quiet beach popular with surfing fanatics, located at the beginning of the Malmok strip. Whether you are a Wind & Kite Surfer or not, families love to hang out, take advantage and make memories in front of the best backdrop for their Aruba family beach portraits. Vibe around the many surf activities, you might even be tempted to sign up for a new sporting adventure.

9. Island vitality close-by while being cocooned within peace and tranquility. It is almost impossible to believe that this superb location is only moments away from Aruba's prime supermarkets - to stock your "Aruba Home" with your favorite gourmets - Aruba's top ranking restaurants, endless eateries, trendy boutiques... and Aruba's best Wind - and Kite surf clinics are conveniently located right on the Malmok strip. While you are cocooned within the peace and tranquility of Aruba's most superb location there is no way to know that all the vitality of this exquisite and diverse island is happening so close by.

10. A luxury vacation villa - ideal for bigger families Renting a luxury vacation villa is a favorite for families and beach people. Villas at Malmok are the perfect fit for a bigger families. Stunning views and amazing sunsets as well as lovely outdoor gardens. Renting a luxury vacation villa can help you feel at home while you’re on your trip since you can get more privacy, helping you be more comfortable. If you want a waterfront property that has a lot of privacy, renting a luxury vacation villa in Malmok, is your best option.

Where to stay in Malmok: Top 10 Luxury Private Villa Rentals in Malmok

Contact details: When dialing from the USA, to reach Aruba, Dial 011-297-NUMBER For more information, questions and requests, email:

For all other countries:

Mrs. Anneke Gorter

The Malmok Management Company N.V.

L.G. Smith Blvd #494, Malmok

Aruba – Dutch Caribbean

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Mobile Netherlands: +31 612 924 248

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