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Classic Malmok Beach House

About this space
Your happy place awaits on the front patio, offering a mesmerizing Ocean View and evening dinners painted with unforgettable sunsets. Let the soothing sounds of the ocean and the tropical breeze be your companion as you unwind and reconnect with your loved ones. Embrace nature, find solace, and relish the magic of this coastal escape.

The Space
Nestled along the stunning coastline of Aruba, this oceanfront beach house is a timeless gem, boasting spectacular views that stretch as far as the eye can see. Constructed in the enchanting era of the 1960s, this beachfront abode has weathered the sands of time, undergoing renovations in both the 90s and again in 2016. Remarkably, it has managed to preserve some of its original elements that truly evoke the essence of a classic beach house.

The allure of this beach house lies not only in its location but also in its ability to transcend time, offering a haven where the whispers of the ocean encourage you to slow down, cherish the present moment, and immerse yourself in the profound beauty of life's most cherished moments.

As you step onto the front porch, a panoramic vista of the azure sea unfolds before your eyes, a breathtaking tableau that extends into the living room and master bedroom. It's as if the ocean becomes an integral part of the house itself, a constant reminder of the timeless beauty that surrounds you.

When entering this ocean-front 6 bedroom 6 bathroom oasis, you're greeted by the inviting hall that seamlessly merges with the spacious living room. The entire house exudes a laid-back beachy vibe, with a design that captures the essence of coastal living. The hallmark of the property is its expansive "harmonica" windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, offering captivating vistas of the ocean right from the heart of the house.

The master bedroom, a true haven of luxury, boasts generous proportions and opulent wooden finishes. With a design that defines coastal chic, it's a sanctuary that beckons you to unwind and relax. Inside, you'll find a substantial walk-in closet, a perfect space to stow away your beach attire and seaside essentials. The master bedroom's pièce de résistance is its stylish and indulgent bathroom, where every detail has been carefully curated to provide the utmost in comfort and luxury. This is a retreat within a retreat, offering a lavish escape where you can rejuvenate and indulge in the soothing ambiance of coastal living.

The remaining four bedrooms in the house each boast either king or queen beds and their own en-suite bathrooms, offering both privacy and convenience. These spacious chambers have been thoughtfully designed, each with its unique theme and style, adding a touch of individuality to the living spaces.

Furthermore, there is a separate freestanding apartment nestled in the backyard, complete with its private entrance. This charming space features two queen beds and a well-appointed ensuite bathroom for the utmost in comfort and privacy.

This beach house is a sanctuary for those seeking a break from the relentless pace of the modern world. It beckons you to disconnect from your cell phone, temporarily forget about the chaotic outside world, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Here, amidst the soothing rhythm of the waves, you'll find the perfect backdrop to reconnect with your loved ones, rediscover the simplicity of life, and truly fathom the essence of your existence.

Guest access
You will get exclusive access to the front and back garden, the living room and the nr of bedrooms you are entitled to. (we rent out to small and bigger groups, for small groups we only lock off certain bedrooms)

NOTE: Please ensure you enter the accurate number of guests who will be with you, as we assign bedrooms accordingly. We allocate 2 guests per bedroom, so for example, if you book for 6 people, you will have access to 3 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.

Other things to note.

Apart from the natural pool in front known as "the ocean," this beach house doesn't have a built-in pool. We recommend bringing (inexpensive) water shoes to facilitate your entry and exit from the ocean, as there may be some rocks.


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​Location: L.G. Smith Blvd 476, Malmok, Aruba


L.G. Smith Blvd 476, Malmok, Aruba


Anneke Gorter

Mobile Aruba: +297 593 1773

Mobile Netherlands: +31 612 924 248


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