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Villas of Aruba - Property

If you are an absent home (or business) owner or if you are worried about leaving your property unattended while going abroad, we can provide you with the following services:


A basic property management program consisting of:

  • Checking the property on a regular basis

  • Paying utility bills and other expenses

  • Taking care of all mail

  • Organizing necessary property maintenance and repairs/renovations

  • Miscellaneous services such as garden/pool maintenance, laundry, house supplies, etc.

  • Arranging cleaning services after departure or prior to arrival

  • Notifying and representing the owner in case of an emergency

  • Contacting owner for approval of out of the ordinary expenses

  • Providing a monthly statement of expenses

  • Additional service requirements upon request.

Property Management with Rental Program: (Same as above)

  • Providing Long-Term rentals – additional 10% commission

  • Providing weekly or monthly rentals – additional 15% commission

For more information, feel free to contact:

Anneke Gorter

Aruba Mobile: +2975931773 / NL Mobile +31612924248

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