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Best ‘Beachfront Private Villas’ to stay when in Aruba

Summer in Aruba. Sounds dreamy, right? Just like in July, visiting Aruba in the height of summer in August is magical. There is also a lot to love: the sun, breeze, the outdoor living and eating, and the fact that there are unique beachfront private villas to keep you and your loved ones privately cocooned when the weather is guaranteed to be outdoor-suitable.

Photo: Drone shot Malmok Beach

We have collated an assortment of favorite fully-equipped beach fronts, to welcome you with a slower pace, and a private pool to entertain loved ones while in Aruba.

Photo: Arashi Beach, Malmok - Aruba Steps from your door, waving seagrass fringes a bald pate of sand bleached bone white by abundant sunshine.

These are but a few of the memorable snapshots offered by the Villas of Aruba. Its fully equipped properties vary in size and decor, but all sit on the island’s toniest northwest residential area of Malmok to Tierra del Sol, just minutes from less trammeled beaches like Malmok, Boca Catalina and Arashi, the Tierra del Sol golf course water sports galore, restaurant and entertainment facilities of Aruba’s glamorous high-rise hotels.

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