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Luxury vacation villa rentals in Aruba

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Welcome to:
Villas of Aruba

About us:
Villas of Aruba is a subsidiary of The Malmok Management Company, N.V. established in Aruba in 1991.

Owned and operated by Mrs. Anneke Gorter, the company’s focus has been property management and vacation villa rental services, along with project development and renovation services.

- Malmok Residential Area -

Malmok Beach is known for Aruba's

"Most Luxurious" residential area with exceptional beachfront homes and a variety of windsurfing residences. The main road through the Malmok Beach area is leading to the California Lighthouse, Tierra del Sol 18-hole golf course, Boca Catalina Beach, Arashi Beach and other Aruba landmarks and activities. During early morning and late afternoon hours, the Malmok Beach road is a favorite venue amongst locals and tourists for outdoor activities due to it's spectacular beach and real estate view.  

- Our Villas -  


Steps from your door, waving sea grass fringes a bald pate of sand bleached bone white by abundant sunshine. Geckos play hide and seek among gingerbread gazebos and thorny succulents in your backyard. Enjoy your morning breakfast and color sip champagne on your expansive balcony as the setting sun fireballs across the Caribbean.


These are but a few of the memorable snapshots offered by the Villas of Aruba. Its fully equipped properties vary in size and decor, but all sit in the island’s toniest northwest residential area of Malmok to Tierra del Sol, just minutes from less trammeled beaches like Malmok, Boca Catalina and Arashi, the Tierra del Sol golf course water sports galore, restaurant and entertainment facilities of Aruba’s glamorous high-rise hotels.


Ranging mostly from three to seven bedrooms in size, all provide pool and/or Jacuzzi, washer/dryer, cable TV, air-conditioning and high-speed internet access throughout; they even boast gourmet kitchens.


Best of all, the caring owners know they - and you - are in good hands. The parent company is aptly named The Malmok Management Company, owned and operated by Mrs. Anneke Gorter and her cordial, efficient, multilingual staff can satisfy nearly every whim.


All villas provide housekeeping, chef services can be arranged to cook breakfast, lunch and/or dinners in your private villa.

Your toughest decision is which luxurious villa to choose. Anneke excels in the matching property to guest. All share a fine design aesthetic yet feature a unique ambience. 


Small wonder that many contented guests want to return on a more permanent basis. Anneke can help you with that too, as the company also offers real estate services.

Anneke Gorter

Property Manager/Rental Agent

Best 'Beachfront Private Villas' to stay in Aruba

Villas of Aruba -

"Villas of Aruba holds the highest standard of excellence in capturing the luxury vacation experience. Each VoA property offers its own uniquely magnificent stay created to exceed your expectations. With 11 luxury homes on the island of Aruba and 1 in the heart of quaint Frisian village Grou - the Netherlands, the endless possibilities await you. 

- Superb location -  

It is almost impossible to believe that this superb location is only moments away from Aruba's prime supermarkets - to stock your "Aruba Home" with your favorite gourmets - Aruba's top ranking restaurants, endless eateries, trendy boutiques... and Aruba's best Wind - and Kite surf clinics are conveniently located right on the Malmok Beach. While you are cocooned within the peace and tranquility of Aruba's most superb location there is no way to know that all the vitality of this exquisite and diverse island is happening so close by.